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An app which empowers people to take control of their health and mental wellbeing.

The app has raised €30,000+ funding through the Kickstarter platform, nominated as a top startup at Web Summit and also appreciated by the Amazon’s CTO, Werner Vogels.

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An app for educators and parents. The app lets educators record and compiles progressive records of children’s learning/development. These records are also shared with the parents in real-time.

48+ schools and more than 900 children are using the platform.

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An app which lets athletes go out and sell products to citizens in the USA. The profit gained from sales is then used for good causes. Example: Organising a charity drive.

It has raised over $2M in the last 1.5 years.

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Donaghmore Museum

An app in which we brought 3-Century old artefacts to life using Augmented reality and computer vision! The app was launched by Sean Canney, Irish Minister of Rural Affairs.

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Irish day tours

We all need guides on a holiday trip but what if we had an app which could explain everything of the places we’re visiting? Irish day tours have developed it!

A detailed description of a location along with images and audios in 5 different languages.

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ESP Tiles

A 94 page catalogue converted into an app.

ESP Tiles have a huge catalogue of tiles for the kitchen and bathrooms. Their problem was, suppliers had to call and ask if the tiles were available and this was a time taking process. We helped them solve all their problems through the mobile app.

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A platform built to promote positive parenting. This app lets parents add their children and track their daily activities and work on how they could achieve the best of behaviour, ethics and growth of their children. Kids can also be rewarded via app itself.

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The hurler

An app where GAA coaches can access the abilities and progress/development of the players through a professional based skills model. It is used to evaluate the progress of over 4000 athletes.

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A platform built to help artists getting discovered in the industry through AI. The artists can upload their audios/videos, chat with other artists and also connect with industry users. While users can search for artists with a specific kind of voice and skills.

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Hunter’s friend

An app which is developed to be one of the tools carried by hunters to track all of their activities. This app guides the hunters on what they need to do for each season, where to target the animals, how to aim the animals and also on which part of their body. It also helps hunters to hunt collaboratively in a group. The app is trusted by over 10,000 hunters.

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A meditation app with over 500,000 premium downloads. The app guides users on how to meditate based on their lifestyle. A few questions asked in the beginning determines where the user needs to begin.

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