App Development Process
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Like with all the projects, success is relative to a well formulated and calculated plan, making planning the most important step when undertaking any new software project.

At Square Root Solutions, we spend time planning with our clients. Our team provides our clients with professional feedback and advice from an experienced and qualified team, ensuring our clients get a comprehensive plan in place before providing a detailed and accurate quote.

Step 1: Understanding Your Requirements

Tell us about your project.

Here you can tell us all about your project; telling us as much or as little as you feel appropriate. We ask basic questions surrounding your requirements; getting a better idea of your project and your vision. From here we can give our clients an ball-park estimated cost for completion.

We ask the Questions

After discussing with our team, we will compile a personalized list of questions for you. This will help us to entirely understand the technical requirements of your project and help to ensure that we have a full understanding of the project.

Project Outline

We provide you with a detailed description of the project for your feedback, listing all the discussed features and elements based upon our previous discussions. We also provide all the details pertaining to the project including sample graphics and specify all technological requirements.

Final project specifications

We provide you with full and final specification document which includes all agreed upon aspects of the project. The PDF document includes the final, detailed quote and projected timeline for the completion of the project accompanied by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Step 2: Prototyping & Wire framing

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Based upon the projects final specifications, we provide our clients with a prototype of their project. This gives the client a responsive demo of what their final product will look and feel like.

During this stage client will get a much better idea of navigation flow, as well as how users will interact with the app.

This exercise also helps in finding out any possible queries or confusions before we start with graphics and UI/UX designing.

Step 3: App Designing

We will then ask our client to give us the feedback on the graphics/interface of the app and will refine the prototype according to the client’s feedback.

This step will ensure our vision is in line with our clients prior to any development. All the graphics and UX related work gets very clear and defined along with color scheme and design strategy.

Once designs are prepared, the entire development path is understood clearly and leaving no room for future surprises during project execution.

Step 4: Development

With all the planning and specifications completed it is now time for our team to start developing your project. Our vastly experienced and qualified team will work tirelessly together to make your vision a reality.

Our team uses the most up to date technologies to ensure that an adaptable product is delivered always.

We also update you with the progress every week by sending you the development builds via Test Flight (iOS) or an alpha (Android), which can help you to share your feedback and review on the current development.

Step 5: Testing & Production Roll out

Ensuring each of our projects are of the highest quality is extremely important to us. Everything we deliver is put through extensive testing at each stage before we pass on a build for our clients to test and provide feedback.

Our extensive testing requirements ensures our clients are provided with a product to the highest standard and ready for its successful release.

The project is now complete and your vision is now a reality! We will upload your application to the relevant app store ready for its very first download. Our relationship with our clients does not stop there, we provide maintenance and support to meet your needs, always in a quick and efficient manner.

We also provide a complimentary 3 months support from the date when the app is made public.