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Our mobile app development company offers top-quality native iOS and android development services in Limerick. Businesses in Ireland trust us to create engaging, user-friendly mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms. Our experienced team of mobile app developers in Limerick meets your business needs while keeping up with the latest trends in mobile technology.

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All our mobile applications prioritise the customer experience and help leverage robust mobile app development design and development tools to create a visually appealing and easy-to-use.

Moreover, we understand that every business and industry has varying needs, so we focus on understanding your needs. With us, you are sure to get applications that are secure and reliable, as well as ones that are compliant with industry standards.

Our comprehensive mobile app development
services in Limerick

Square Root in Limerick provides a wide range of mobile app development services to help business owners create and grow their products. We are committed to building powerful and secure applications for various platforms. With us, you get a team of experienced developers boasting expertise in all the major mobile app development technologies like iOS, Android, Flutter, Game Development etc.

App Development Process

App development is a complex process that involves research, planning, design, coding, testing, and deployment. At Square Root, we follow a proven mobile app development process that works on solving a problem at each stage. Also, we offer post-launch app development services in Limerick to ensure the successful completion of your project.



  • This is the initial step in the app development process, where you develop your app’s concept. This is where you brainstorm to define the app’s purpose and outline its features and functionalities.


Research & Discovery

  • In this step, you will need to research your app idea thoroughly. This includes researching market trends, competitors, user personas and user journeys.



  • This step involves creating a design for your app that is appealing and easy to use. A good design ensures an intuitive user experience and provides a visual representation of your brand values and goals



  • During this stage, the actual coding for the app takes place. Here, app developers pay attention to details and are responsible for writing code, leveraging different tools, and creating high-quality code.


Testing & Deployment

  • Post the development phase, the app testing phase requires checking the application on various devices and platforms. This help ensures that all bugs have been fixed and the app is ready to be deployed on App Store or Play Store.



  • This involves installing the written and tested code on a server or hosting platform accessible over the internet. Common tasks include configuring the server, setting up security and database connections, and testing the app.


Analytics & Optimization

  • One of the key post-launch activities requires collecting data from users’ interactions with your app and identifying areas for improvement or optimization to maximise user engagement and retention over time.


Promotion & Marketing

  • Promoting and marketing your app helps users download it from stores or other sources such as websites or social media channels. This requires engaging content, paid advertising campaigns, optimising SEO, etc., to reach a wider audience.

Technology in use

Get an app developed in Limerick with Square Root to benefit from using various mobile app development technologies that ensure an efficient and seamless user experience. Our mobile app developers are experts in using various mobile app technologies that offer unique solutions tailored to your business requirements.


A mobile app SDK created by Google for creating high-performance, cross-platform native apps for Android and iOS. It uses the Dart programming language (similar to Java and JavaScript) to build highly responsive and fast apps. Flutter also features a wide array of tools like Hot Reloading, widgets, and Material Design, making building beautiful and intuitive user interfaces easier.

React Native

React Native is a JavaScript framework enabling developers to create native apps for iOS and Android. It uses a declarative programming style that helps developers create complex user interfaces with fewer lines of code than traditional languages such as Objective-C or Java.


Native technology in app development refers to creating applications on Android or iOS using the platform's language (Java for Android and Swift for iOS). This is an efficient way of developing mobile applications since it helps developers get into each platform's nitty-gritty to ensure optimal performance.


This one is an open source Mobile UI framework that helps create interactive mobile applications. It leverages web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to create cross-platform mobile applications that can be deployed on platforms like iOS and Android.

Database Technologies

Mobile applications often require a database to store user data and other information. Our app development company in Limerick has a team of developers well-versed in using relational databases such as MySQL or NoSQL databases like MongoDB to store and access data from their mobile applications.

Our portfolios


KeepAppy is a global wellness app that focuses on building positivity and improving the mental health of its users. It was selected as the top startup at Web Summit 2019 and was chosen for mentorship by Bill and Melinda Gates. The app had more than 30,000 users across 75 countries. Later on, owing to its brilliant features and excellent development quality, it was acquired by an MNC to be used as employee well-being software.

UI mockup of KeepAppy, a mental wellness app developed by Square Root Solutions, an app development company in Limerick.
UI mockup of Mosaic, an early childhood care platform developed by Square Root Solutions, an app development company in Limerick.


Mosaic is a leading digital platform for early childhood services in Ireland. The app makes it efficient for educators to deliver positive learning experiences and also provides parents with real-time updates of their kids’ activities. This feature-rich app is now used by more than 48 schools for the wellbeing of 900 children. The platform has 400 active parents registered.


Scoreboard is a fundraising platform that automates manual fundraising operations for students, enabling them to sell through the app. The app has witnessed transactions of over $20M in just 1.5 years and the sales happening per day is $400K.

UI mockup of Scoreboard, a fundraising platform that automates manual fundraising tasks, developed by Square Root, app developers in Limerick.
UI mockup of Donaghmore Museum, a perfect mix of AR and 3D technology, crafted by Square root solutions in Limerick.


Donaghmore Museum app is our one of a kind project— a stunning confluence of AR, 3D tech and development methodologies. Our super talented team of app developers in Cork brought to life a Donaghmore museum through an interactive application that led to a significant direct increase in the number of visitors and the amount of time spent inside the museum.


Siente is yet another amazing wellness app that we built. This app encourages its users to cultivate healthy habits and practice meditation. With its engaging interface and robust framework, this application has successfully touched the lives of 500,000 people. Yes, 500,000!

UI mockup of Siente, a holistic wellness app that encourages users to build a healthy lifestyle, app developed by Square Root Solutions in Limerick.
Ciaran Stone from Square Root Solutions. Ciaran Stone from Square Root Solutions.

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