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Augmented Reality App Development

Introducing our groundbreaking augmented reality app, providing an immersive experience unlike anything you've seen before, blending the virtual and real worlds seamlessly.


Augmented Reality has already paved its way into the tech world and businesses. With this amazing technology, the digital world can leverage the chances of interacting with the real world objects. It has the capability to add a layer of new information over the existing information. Today, it has scattered across all the domains and businesses. AR can be integrated with the entertainment world, sports, news, etc. The AR apps have the potential in establishing a better connection among the customers and the brand.

Square Root Solutions is a leading AR app development company in Dublin. We always believe that such innovative technologies have the power to bring a revolution in this era. Our experts develop AR apps and solutions for all mobile app platforms like Android, Windows, and iOS. They analyse business requirements and ideas and provide you with an end-to-end AR app development solutions. So, tighten your seatbelts, and we will take you on a magical journey that connects the real world and the digital world.

There has been an exponential rise in the market growth of AR. More developers and businesses have taken an interest in AR technology and its smart solutions. With our talented team, we ensure you with a complete solution of the AR apps. They have the knowledge to create an innovative app from a simple idea on a piece of paper. Our expert team can provide you with the customised AR solutions that enhance your marketing strategies to next level.

Our designer team constantly works through UX prototyping, responsive designs, and the information architecture. Our developers are skilled in technologies like HTML5, PHP, .NET and MySQL. They possess the knowledge to create both non-marker and marker AR applications. The testing team works behind providing quality and bug-free apps that work seamlessly.

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Why Us?

As a leading AR app development company in Ireland, we believe in offering competitive benefits over other companies. We provide you with lot more over the app and deployment.

  • Best-in-class AR apps and solutions at affordable prices
  • Technical proficiency
  • Integration of cutting-edge technology
  • Interactive UI and supportive back-end
  • Robust-free coding
  • Stringent testing at all phases
  • Customized AR apps for Android and iOS
  • In-time delivery of apps

Services offered at Square Root Solutions

Our team is our biggest asset and that we are proud to be one of the best augmented reality AR apps development company in India and Ireland. We provide services in terms of:

  • Industrial apps with AR views
  • Medical research apps
  • Gaming apps with AR views
  • Military apps and geolocation
  • Augmented 2D and 3D models
  • AR-based animations and customised AR effects
  • E-commerce and M-commerce apps
  • Sales and marketing apps

Hire the best AR app developers at Square Root Solutions

Square Root Solutions has a valuable asset in terms of the talented team. They possess the knowledge of developing AR apps with par excellence. They are excellent researchers and analysts and thus understand the level at which AR has reached in the market. They ensure you with an amazing app with which you can enjoy living in a new world of Augmented Reality.

Our AR app developers in Dublin are adept at developing solutions for major industry verticals that involve:

  • AR Gaming modules
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance and Banking
  • Social Networking
  • Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Customized apps
  • eCommerce
  • Travel
  • CRM and SCM
  • Entertainment