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Blockchain Development Company Ireland

BlockChain has been the talk of the IT industry and businesses since quite a long time now. This technology has introduced a new payment gateway method to the world that is totally based on the digitalisation. It supports digital currencies and cryptocurrencies. It is an excellent way of storing the data or information over nodes or blocks across a larger network. The blocks are connected with the mechanism of cryptography that provides a secured platform for storage and transmission of data. This technology stores the data securely across multiple areas in a cost-effective way.

Blockchain app development services with Square Root

Square Root Solutions is a leading blockchain app development company in Dublin. We understand your business requirements, and with our development processes and standards, we create your desired solutions. Being a pioneer in the newest of technology, we have an excellent team of blockchain app developers in Ireland on board. Our team of developers are versed with the top technologies like Data Analysis, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and web security. They are certified with the blockchain services such as Ethereum, Bitcoins and Hyperledger. With a blend of these technologies, they have successfully developed frameworks for blockchain apps and services.

As a blockchain app development company, we aim at building apps that redefine security and transparency. We offer the best of this technology for your business that provides easy and secure transactions globally. We provide services to currency transactions. Our services are widespread across domains where everything is about a transaction. We analyse data transaction for every domain for business data, health records, finance and much more.

Our services includes:

We offer services to improve our blockchain development processes in the industry.

We utilise technologies and tools to serve the clients and their unique requirements with the best.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

We have the technical expertise that can build and maintain services as per your application requirements.

We work on platforms :

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin cash
Smart Contract Development

We create digital contracts for secured transactions using the blockchain technology. We also provide an audit of the current contracts.

Moreover, we offer services in:

  • Data Transparency
  • Use of cryptocurrencies and crypto coins
  • Automated monitoring
Crypto Exchange Development

We provide services for the exchange of cryptocurrencies and crypto coins globally. Our team explores the new monetisation methods for efficient and secured transactions and exchange.

Benefits of our services are they are:

  • Reliable
  • High performance
  • Secure and
  • Transparent
Hire our blockchain app developers

We have multi-disciplined domain experts team of blockchain app developers in Dublin who are versatile in developing frameworks for blockchain processes.

They are trained to provide holistic client experience through the blockchain development lifecycle. So, businesses and enterprises who have an enormous amount of big data can hire our Blockchain app developers. They have the potential to work on different technologies to create blockchain apps that can enhance your business with the new payment gateway platforms.

Our developers will respond professionally and promptly as per your business and client needs. Our team is best in providing guidance and assistance from the alpha phase of the product and after the delivered final product. We assure you that you will not be alone on this journey of invention and innovation.

The speed at which they develop apps is phenomenal across the leading industry verticals including-

  • Banking
  • Transportation
  • Travel and Lifestyle
  • Real estate
  • Entertainment
  • Technology and much more.
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