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Education App Development Solutions

Redefining The Learning Experience With Our
Education App Development Services

Our skilled team of developers specialise in building learning apps that make a difference in the education
industry. From e-learning app development to school management software development, our
comprehensive education app development services encompass all and proudly.

LMS Development

Our team specialises in developing Learning Management Systems (LMS) that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your educational institution or business. Whether you need an LMS for online course delivery, blended learning programs, or internal employee training, we have the resources to deliver a solution that meets your unique requirements.

Our LMS solutions are user-friendly, scalable, and secure, with features such as course creation and management, assignment submissions, assessments and grading, and reporting and analytics.

E-Learning Apps

We understand the importance of creating interactive e-learning experiences that keep students of all ages motivated and focused. Our e-learning app development team works closely with you to develop customised e-learning apps that provide personalised and gamified learning experiences through multimedia resources, quizzes, virtual classes and more.

Whether you need an e-learning app for a school or higher education institution, we have the expertise to deliver a solution that makes learning fun.

School Management Apps

Our education app development team builds apps that simplify and streamline administrative processes for primary and secondary schools as well as universities. The app provides a centralised platform for managing student information, scheduling, communication, uploading syllabus and more.

With our school management app, teachers, administrators, and parents can communicate with each other and access the information they need to support student success in real-time, from anywhere.

Corporate Training Apps

Our corporate training apps are built to provide businesses with a cost-effective and scalable solution for employee training and development. Whether you need to train employees on new skills, update them on company policies, or provide ongoing professional development, our team can create an engaging, customised app.

Our corporate training apps offer functionalities such as assessments, and reporting to measure the effectiveness of your training programs.

Online Classroom Apps

Our online classroom apps provide a virtual learning environment for educators and students to connect and collaborate in real-time. From remote learning to synchronous learning, our education app development experts can deliver a robust solution that meets your needs.

Our online classroom apps are equipped with live video, audio and presentation capabilities, as well as collaboration tools to facilitate student learning and engagement.

Skill Development Apps

We understand that learning never stops. That's why we offer innovative and personalised skill-learning app development services to help individuals and businesses of all sizes elevate their knowledge and abilities.

We take the time to understand the needs of your target audience by identifying knowledge gaps and areas for improvement, and create an app that is specifically designed to boost their skills in an engaging manner.

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Edtech Solutions We Have Crafted

We take pride in being the top choice of leading institutes, educators, edtech Ireland startups, and UK
startups for education app development.


Imagine being able to see your child’s activities and growth at preschool in real-time. That’s exactly what our edtech Ireland development team has created with Mosaic, an innovative online and mobile platform designed for early childhood services. It’s the perfect way for parents to collaborate with educators and ensure that every child gets the attention they deserve.

The platform is the brainchild of Avril McMonagle, an accomplished and respected member of the early childhood care community. With Mosaic, we’re revolutionising the way educators and parents work together to support children from every background, ability, and learning stage. We’re proud to say that 49 schools started using Mosaic in its first 5 months, with 400 parents in regular use and over 900 children registered.

Mosaic UI mockup
TeachKloud UI mockup


TeachKloud is the innovation of Wendy Oke, a visionary and accomplished PhD graduate from Cork Institute of Technology. With TeachKloud, early childhood education service providers can easily manage their administration and compliance requirements in one seamless, convenient app.

The platform is the brainchild of Avril McMonagle, an accomplished and respected member of the early childhood care community. With Mosaic, we’re revolutionising the way educators and parents work together to support children from every background, ability, and learning stage. We’re proud to say that 49 schools started using Mosaic in its first 5 months, with 400 parents in regular use and over 900 children registered.

IT Carlow

The transition to college life can be exciting, but it can also be quite daunting. But for students at the IT Carlow, Wexford campus, navigating the campus and understanding all the processes is not overwhelming anymore. We developed a truly customised, cloud-based, user-friendly app designed to be the ultimate resource for students at the Carlow campus. With the IT Carlow Info app, students can access all the details of their college life with ease. From downloading student forms to checking their timetables, everything they need is just a few clicks away.

Not only is the app a great resource for students, but it also takes the burden off of administration. Since, individually answering redundant questions about processes and campus can be time-consuming and tiring. On top of that, with the unprecedented times that we are in, the need for contactless solutions was paramount, and we are proud of having developed a platform that makes university life easier for students as well as the staff.

IT Carlow UI mockup


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Druid Learning UI mockup

Druid Learning

Druid Learning is a cutting-edge content distribution platform designed specifically for the education sector. With Druid Learning, students can access a wide range of learning resources and tools that cater to their individual needs and learning styles. It also provides students with personalised learning paths and tracking tools that allow them to monitor their progress and identify areas where they need improvement.

Our team has incorporated an array of learning-friendly features to address a diverse range of learners and their unique learning requirements. The platform offers interactive and engaging content, including videos, animations, and simulations, that make learning fun and exciting.

Little Red

Little Red is a platform designed to provide children with everything they need to learn and speak English with confidence. The founder, Anna Carmody, understood that learning a new language can be challenging, especially for young learners. That’s why she collaborated with our education app development team to build a platform that uses gamification to make learning fun and exciting for children, while providing them with the tools they need to improve their fluency and pronunciation. Thrilled with the trust she placed in us, we delivered results that helped her take the idea forward.

The app is powered by innovative speech recognition software, allowing children to practise their pronunciation and improve their speaking skills in a fun and supportive environment. Children are exposed to a native English voice, which they can listen to and repeat, helping them to develop their language skills with ease.

Little Red UI mockup

We Build What Users Love ❤️

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Why Choose Us As Your Education App
Development Partner

We have and know what it takes to develop truly tailored, intuitive learning apps with fast performance and user-friendly interface. We have done it time and again!


Industry Experience

Our team has a deep understanding of the education industry and a wealth of experience in developing education app solutions. We have worked with a range of reputed institutes and businesses to design and deliver next-gen, customised and innovative e-learning solutions.


High Engagement and Retention

Our education apps are designed to be feature-rich and interactive, promoting high engagement and retention rates among users. From gamification techniques to personalised content, we use a range of strategies to create an enjoyable and effective learning experience.


Flexible and Convenient Learning

Our education app development services allow learners to access and view content on their preferred devices, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Learners can also access and review downloaded course material even when they don’t have internet access. In a nutshell, it becomes their online resource pool.


User-Centred Design

We use user-centred design principles to ensure that our apps are intuitive and easy to use, promoting high engagement and adoption rates among educators, students, and administrators. Our designers keep in mind the latest industry trends and user demands when designing your software.


Cross-Platform Compatibility

Our education app development services are cross-platform compatible. Whether you need an app for iOS, Android, or the web, we have the skillset to deliver a streamlined solution that runs on every and any platform you want, and provides a seamless user experience.


Scalable Solutions

Our education apps are built with scalability in mind, so you can start small and grow as your needs change. Whether you need to add new courses, students, or employees, our apps are designed to adapt and evolve as your business grows, without breaking down or lagging behind.


Support and Maintenance

Our educational app development services don’t end with the launch of the application. We offer ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that your app is always performing optimally and providing the best experience for your users. We fix any bugs or issues that may arrive and offer upgrade services as well.


Secure and Cost-Effective

Security and budget are two top concerns in the education industry, and we understand that. Our education apps are built with robust security measures to ensure that your sensitive data is protected at all times, and all of this is delivered well within your budget and timeframe.


Real-Time Interaction

Our education app development services provide real-time interaction between educators, learners, and guardians. With database integration and cloud services, the platform is always available for collaboration and communication, facilitating the overall learning process.


Streamlined Performance Tracking

Our education apps allow for the easy tracking of every learner’s performance details, progress updates, feedbacks and improvements, which are stored and maintained online on the platform. This provides a comprehensive overview of their progress and promotes effective learning management.

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Our Wide Tech Stack

As a leading name in the educational app development industry, our skilled developers possess extensive knowledge of the most advanced technologies, as well as the widely-used libraries and frameworks.

Features Of A Next-Gen Education App!

Our every education app is infused with functionalities that ensure an exceptional digital learning environment.

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    Real-Time Interaction

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    Personalised Learning

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    AR/VR and AI

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    Performance Tracking

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    Data Sharing

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    Mobile Compatibility

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    Video Streaming

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    Virtual Classroom

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    Adaptive Content

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    Cloud Integration

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    Offline Accessibility

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    Push Notifications

Education app development services

Delivering Your Solution, Your Way
Our Working Model

Square Root offers three simple ways for you to benefit from our edtech Ireland development services. You
can choose what suits your needs the best.

Fixed Cost Development

Our team will spend the time to carefully understand your app’s demands and goals before providing you with a detailed strategy that includes a delivery timeline and fixed cost. We are committed to delivering on our promise to you, ensuring that your project is completed with perfection and speed.

Hire Hourly

You can also hire app developers or any other required specialist on an hourly basis from us. However, please know that this option is frequently chosen by businesses looking to make modifications or improvements to an ongoing app project.

Dedicated Development Team

This option allows you to compose a hand-picked team for app development in Ireland. It is for businesses looking for an even more personalised solution. You can build a team of developers, managers, designers, analysts, and other qualified professionals as required. Under this plan, you can pay on a monthly basis.

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All Your Queries Addressed

Still have some questions about education app development that need answers? Learn more by reading some frequently asked questions.

The timeline of educational app development depends on the scope of the project and the complexity of the functionalities. It can take anywhere from 6 months to 1 year and beyond to develop a feature-rich education app. However, our edtech Ireland development team can deliver an MVP in less than 90 days if viable.

E-learning app development can benefit learners in several ways, including:

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    E-learning apps provide students with the flexibility to access educational content anytime and anywhere, enabling them to study on their own schedule and speed

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    Blended learning offers students a personalised learning experience, providing them with a tailored curriculum based on their interests, learning style, and pace.

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    Students can interact with instructors, peers, and other members of the educational community in real-time, facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing.

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    E-learning apps make education accessible to students who may not have had access to it otherwise, including those who live in remote locations or who have disabilities.

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    E-learning apps can help students achieve better outcomes by providing them with access to high-quality educational resources and allowing them to study at their own pace.

The cost of education software development varies depending on the features, tools and platform involved as well as the type of app required. On an average the cost can range anywhere from £15,000 to £60,000 and more.

Education app development can benefit businesses in several ways, including improving employee retention, providing cost-effective and scalable employee training, and enhancing knowledge management. By offering opportunities for growth and professional development, businesses can keep their employees engaged, motivated and productive. Additionally, an online education app can help companies improve knowledge management by providing employees with a central repository for educational resources and training programs.