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Why Choose App Development Service Ireland

Square Root Solutions is a veteran mobile app development company, which provides comprehensive mobile app development services in Ireland for a number of domains.

It is crystal clear that with the immense demand of mobile apps, businesses are seeking out for effective and efficient mobile app development partner companies to aid them in the development process. To cope with their requirements, Square Root Solutions has become the ideal accelerator to design and develop innovative mobile applications that stand the test of time.

Ciaran Stone, CEO of Square Root Solutions - Ireland's top mobile app development company.

Heard of KeepAppy, Mosaic & Donaghmore Museum apps? We're the development partners!

Are you the next startup? Have a conversation with Ciaran and let him create a road map for your app journey!

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Our services

Mobile Apps are becoming more and more part of our everyday lives, with studies showing people spend close to 90% of their time on apps compared to websites, accompanied with an increasing trend of trust from users in mobile applications. These trends highlight the value of a presence in the app market for businesses across all sectors.

At Square Root Solutions, we not only deliver professional mobile app development services in Ireland for all our clients, we deliver app development in Ireland as development partners. We ensure your final product adds value to your existing business, while also being easily scalable to grow and thrive alongside you and your team.

Our process for mobile app development solutions in Ireland is simple, we start from scratch and build your vision together, while always adding advice and recommendations from our extensive I.T. and business experience.

Owning a website has evolved from a novelty to ‘a must’ for anyone who wishes to share their product, brand or story. It’s never been as simple to get a website developed, with people of all ages and backgrounds owning and running their own website. There are countless online platforms available to get your website online quickly. However, what if you want a secure, easy to use website that stands out from competitors while developed specifically to your business procedures?

At Square Root Solutions, we don’t work with off the shelf templates when building your website. We build all our sites from the ground up, built exactly for your requirements. Our dedicated team work together with our clients ensuring their website has ease of use at its core, centred around attractive and unique designs.

Also all our sites are mobile responsive as standard ;)

How often have you opened an app and not been able to find a feature, and within a few seconds give up and not try again or even delete the app? More times than you can count I’m willing to bet. In an increasingly impatience digital market, the most common reason for the success or failure of any platform is the User Interface (UI) and the User Experience (UX).

As a user you don’t want to feel like you’re on a scavenger hunt or need a degree in software development to navigate through an app or website. Or as a business you want your customers associating your brand with a positive easy to use experience.

Being one of the few mobile app development companies in Ireland that pays attention to great design, we pride ourselves on our expert designs team and their ability to continually deliver unique, attractive designs, adhering to the highest standards. Our objective is simple, all features should be intuitively accessible on a clean interface, with the least amount of clicks possible.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are not new technologies, but with the advancements in what our mobile devices can do, they’re creating a whole new world of possibilities for users. We can now enjoy AR or VR technologies on any number of devices, and it just keeps getting better and better.

AR and VR are probably the most exciting areas to watch in the future, these technologies are already changing our lives every day. From games like Pokémon Go boasting over 1 billion downloads worldwide, to how we approach tourism, ecommerce and even how we decorate our houses. AR/VR are here to stay, so just sit back and enjoy everything it has to offer.

At Square Root Solutions, we are very proud to be the first Irish and one of the few European based mobile app development companies in Ireland, to bring augmented reality to the market. Our object is not to stay ahead of the curve, but to set it.

Bringing your business from a simple idea you had while daydreaming in the shower all the way to a thriving business doesn’t happen overnight. The journey of any start-up has numerous ups and downs, with little victories and stumbling blocks scattered across the path to success. There’s no secret formula to success, in start-ups you have to be hardworking, persistent and resilient but it’s also important that you learn from the successes and the mistakes of others before you and that’s where we come in.

At Square Root Solutions, we work with numerous start-ups across multiple sectors and countries on a daily basis. Our track record of app development in Ireland speaks for itself, many of our clients are winning awards and thriving in their sector, who like you, had that light bulb moment in the shower one morning.

Book a free startup consultation with one of our team today, and don’t forget we were just a small start-up too.

Internet of Things or IoT refers to a system of interconnecting devices, who communicate with each other without requiring human interaction. The possibilities for IoT are endless, with more and more devices connecting each year. Everyday examples of IoTcan be found through turning on your central heating when away from your house or your smartwatch sending data tracking steps to your phone.

At Square Root Solutions, our team have worked on numerous projects incorporating IoT, while also assisting our clients on how advances in technologies can assist their business. Book a free consultation today and see how IoT can change your everyday life.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) aren’t just terms we see in science fiction; this technology is very much in everyday life. Google maps use AI to suggest quicker routes to avoid traffic, social media use it to detect faces in the pictures you upload and even use ML to make emoji suggestions as it gradually replaces slang. These technologies are increasingly all around us, assisting us in everyday life.

The future is very exciting for AI and ML, email providers are introducing technologies that will compose messages for us, but maybe advancements in smart homes and smart assistants being the most exciting area to watch.

At Square Root Solutions AI/ML are more and more becoming effective tools for our clients, under the guidance of our expert team. Book a free consultation today and see how AI/ML can work for you.

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We always try to remain abreast of latest trends in Technology as well as Industry.

These blogs are humble attempt to share our knowledge, vision and thoughts with our readers and clients.

Our Strategy

As a veteran solutions provider, we make sure that we accomplish your individual demands and fulfill your business needs. With advanced tools and technologies, our team can create customized mobile applications that align seamlessly with your present processes along with domain specific functions.

Unlike other top mobile app development companies in Ireland, Square Root Solutions does not confine their nature of work. Their team including analysts, developers, and designers, do absolute best to reap adroitly managed solutions, envisioned by their clients.

Hire app developers in Ireland with us, and we will make sure that you won’t be disappointed!

Brace yourself; a miracle is about to h’app’en!

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  • Experienced Team of Designers and Developers
  • Profound knowledge of mobile technologies.
  • Competent tried-and-tested development process
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  • Several robust mobile apps to their credit
  • Systematic methodology and flexible engagements