Square Root Solutions have once again gained national recognition for our collaborative work with some of Ireland’s most exciting entrepreneurs. Our apps continue to lead the market in innovation, and we are proud that our efforts have been given such esteemed credit.

2 of our clients made it in the list of 30 under 30 Ireland’s rising business stars 2019!

Our excellent team of developers have recently come into the limelight, as two collaborators of ours have been recently named in Ireland’s 30 under 30 list. KeepAppy, by Aimée-Louise Carton and Will Ben Sims, has gained international acclaim for its promotion of a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. We have developed KeepAppy to provide a service which has helped almost 10,000 people worldwide.

Another member of the list is Neil Dunne. Neil at 24 is one of Ireland's best and brightest, and we at Square Root Solutions are delighted to be working with Neil. We believe in working with the best, and our collaborator’s achievements certainly confirm our beliefs.

To be crowned among Ireland’s rising business stars is no small feat. The island is bustling with industry and employment, and it takes someone extremely special to stand out from the crowd. Our partners Carton, Ben and Dunne have continued to grow their businesses into 2020, and Square Root Solutions are right by their side.

We are incredibly proud to have two of our apps featured by their founders in the Irish 30 under 30 lists. To read more about this, Please click here

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