Andrson is a platform to streamline the process of music talent discovery with audio-enabled search for the music industry professionals. With Andrson, the music artists can upload their audio/videos which are analysed and can be searched by the industry professionals based on AI and deep learning proprietary algorithms.

Artists can add their bio and upload audios/videos which can be watched by the other artists or industry professionals.

AI based algorithms analyses the audios/videos to find how who the artists matches with. Example: An artist's sound could match the sound of Justin Beiber by 70%.

Artists can search and get connected to other artists using Andrson anytime, anywhere.

Discover who is trending, who is on the app and like your favourite artists.

Collaborate with other artists and keep in touch with them through our messaging module.

A strong profile will increase the chances of being found by industry professionals and to receive messages from them.

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