Mosaic App Case Study

Square Root Solutions are proud to present a brand new way for educators to record and update their students progress, one that will make it even easier for both them and parents to track their students daily updates.

A platform which has enabled parents to see their child’s activities and growth at the daycare in real-time!

Mosaic is an online and mobile platform designed for early childhood services in Ireland, from the mind of an accomplished and respected member in the field of early childhood care, Avril McMonagle. It has been developed with the resources of Meantóir, the specialist support service for early childhood workers and educators for children between 0-6 years old.

Both apps are linked to building a progressive and sustainable picture of a child’s development, learning and care through evaluation and observation. Using the various methods outlined below to gather and process information, inputs from educators and parents, they paint a detailed and colourful picture of each child.

Mosaic has been developed to utilise the multi-method learning story approach to assessing children’s development and learning throughout early childhood. From the ages of 0-6, this app is utilizing the most accurate way for educators and parents to collaborate together to ensure that children from every background, ability and learning stage are catered to.

Observation, assessment, planning and transition are the four steps which the app follows in detail. These are the cornerstones on which Mosaic is built. They are taken from the guidelines laid out by Meantóir. Through the digital platform, we are bringing the most efficient way of childcare to the people of Ireland and beyond.

We have designed two apps with separate purposes in mind. Mosaic Family is downloaded by the parent or guardian, for them to see the progress the child has been making. This is also a means for them to keep in contact with the educator, both in private chats and group message boards.

Educator's App:

Mosaic Educator is designed with the educator in mind. We don’t want to put any extra work into the hands of the user, and our app is designed to take a load off the educator. Parents have been delighted to receive updates as to their child's wellbeing, with many singing the praises of those sending photos and videos of their child’s progress over the app.

The educator app features a range of different uses. There is the daily care log, themes and goals and learning stories of the child. The key feature, however, is that of the Next Level Educator. This is to record in detail the child’s progress during lessons, and upgrade them to the next level automatically as they reach it, providing the parent with detailed info on their progression.

Learning stories are displayed in different formats of photographs, short videos, samples of children’s work and learning achievements, which can all be shared with parents. The communications aspect of the app allows the parent and educator to maintain a clear line of contact. Messages can be sent efficiently to either individual parents or a group of parents over important issues. You can remind parents of upcoming events including parent meetings, visitors, outings or celebrations. This can come in especially useful as the children become older and progress through primary school and parents have less face to face contact with teachers.

Group learning stories are a feature of the app in which parents can see in detail the subjects, topics and points of interest that the children have studied in that time period. On this noticeboard, the educator posts class plans and learning activities done by the children, and parents get to see a clearer picture of the inner workings of the classroom.

Square Root Solutions wanted to provide an app which would only improve the parent/educator relationship, and so with this at the forefront of our minds, we set out to ensure that Mosaic would suit every user.

It benefits the children as it allows them to take their work home and be stored safely digitally, instead of scrapbooks to be torn and lost over time. It benefits the parents as they are given real-time updates as to the progress of their children. Through this, both parents and children are given a clear path of progression, one which parents are clear on. A child’s thirst for learning cannot be quenched, Mosaic tailors to this exactly.

For educators, Mosaic provides an even higher image of professional quality and service, by increasing an ever-improving standard of assessment and documentation, preschool facilities up and down the country benefit from rolling out our service. Our app also provides a more cost-effective, environmentally friendly model as less hard materials need to be used. The educators are provided with practical tools to assist in learning, along with a documented history of children’s learning.

Mosaic is a tried and tested app, with excellent reviews by both parents and guardians. By reducing the manual workload of educators, 49 schools have started using Mosaic in its first 5 months, with 400 parents in regular use and over 900 children registered. Through the implementation of our app, we have helped to bring about a change in how we assess the early childhood development process. We hope we can help your organisation too!

Parent's App:

The Founder

Avril McMonagle has been involved in a multitude of early learning initiatives and boasts more than 20 years of working expertise in the sector. One of her outstanding credentials is her time spent on The National Council for curriculum and assessment as part of a 4-person team responsible for the development of Aistear.

Her role as Education Officer was to develop the first-ever nationwide plan for early childhood development in Ireland. Avril was chosen due to her unparalleled knowledge of early childhood care. She along with our outstanding developers have collaborated to bring you an award-winning application.

Mosaic has been designed as an educational tool for educators to record and collect a progressive record of Children's Learning and Development. This is shared with parents in real-time by the educator, as they can easily transmit data from the classroom or early learning preschool. The app is accessible and smooth with a very user-friendly interface easy for all Educators to use, regardless of IT skills.

The storybook section of the app records the child's educational life up to the current day, including all influencing factors they are given exposure to. These include family, friends, strengths, challenges, likes and dislikes in a detailed profile. The Daily Care Log can be maintained throughout each learning day and be sent to individual parents on a daily basis.

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