ESP Tiles

This is an Ireland based company dealing in Wall & Floor tiles. They have a catalogue of 94 pages filled with all the tiles they manufacture.

Whenever the suppliers would want to purchase the tiles, they would have to go through the catalogue and call to inquire whether the tile they want is available or not. This was a manual and time taking process. We then developed a system for them where we converted the catalogue into a digital form (mobile app) where suppliers can view all the available and book them.

94 pages

A 94 page catalogue of tiles is now easily accessible through a mobile app. Each tile displays their information along with multiple pictures for viewers to get a better idea of how it would look when purchased or placed on their walls/floor.

Search and Filter

The users of the app can search for their tile easily instead of going through the catalogue. A filter option is also provided to allow the user to search for specific details of a tile like dimension or price, etc.

Adding tiles to cart

A user can add all the tiles they wish to purchase. Adding to cart has 3 different options: Box, yards or meters. The user can use any of the 3 dimensions for ordering their tiles.


The users are required to enter their details and then the ESP executive would contact them to complete their order of tiles.

Favourite tiles

The app was completed in 37 days after we provided the prototype/design of how we could simplify their long process. This was quick, yeah?

37 days

Our team has provided the retailer interface where they can view the images of all the tiles with the details like size, pieces/box, price, category, and subcategory and will be able to order the required quantity by adding it to the cart.

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