The goal was to build a platform to promote positive parenting. This platform would let the parents add their children and track their daily activities and work on how they could achieve the best of behavior, ethics and growth of their children.

Finding enough time in the day and balancing parenting and career is a very common problem nowadays whereby if the children are not given full attention to their behavior and habits then it can lead to a poor-quality life ahead.

Add children

The parents can add their children; Name and photo.

Assign tasks

The parents can then assign tasks for each day of the week and mark them as complete once the child has completed it.

Points for tasks

Parents can add number of points for each tasks and they will automatically be added under the child once they complete the tasks. Eg: Cleaning the room can be for 10 points.

Reward the child

The parents can access list of predefined rewards and reward their child by using their points. In addition, they can also create customer rewards.

Premium version

Parents can purchase the premium version to create custom tasks and rewards.

App downloads

More than 6000 parents use this platform, 9000 children added, 5000+ tasks created and 1700+ custom rewards are created. Are you the next parent?

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