Why Android Dominates the Irish App Market in 2023?

Published on: November 24, 2023

Android has taken off in the Irish app market. It has found a second home in Ireland, becoming a big shot in the global mobile operating system market. In 2023, Android isn't just another option; it's the main event, a big player in the world where folks use smartphones and apps as their go-to tools.

If you're in Ireland, making apps or just interested in the tech scene, you might wonder why Android is such a big deal here. How come so many people in Ireland have gone for Android and stuck with it? We're diving into why Android has nabbed such a big slice of the Mobile OS market share here, showing how it's won over folks with its easy-to-use, everyone-welcome vibe.

Android phones are kind on your wallet, and they work well with all the Google stuff most of us use every day. This hits the right note with people in Ireland. Android is an open field where developers can play and make new things without hitting a wall.

But it's not just the geeky bits that make Android big in Ireland. It's how Android apps feel right for Irish users, like they've been made just for us here. Android is also getting its hands dirty in the business world in Ireland, with more companies picking it for their work phones.

So, let's take a walk-through Android's world in Ireland. We will look at what's trending, peel back the layers of the latest stats, and get the inside scoop on why Android is where many Irish hearts and tech dreams find their home.

Market Share Insights

  • Java, the official language of Android development, is the most used programming language by developers, accounting to 63.61% developers worldwide.
  • The Android market is huge with over 2.3 Billion Android users worldwide.
  • Android also dominates the global market smartphone usage, with 69.7% massive market share. 

Affordability of Android Devices

In Ireland, Android smartphones are as popular as a good cup of tea. They’re everywhere because the pricing is right. Android gives you a lot for a little while offering affordable mobile devices that don’t cut corners.

Looking for a budget Android phone? It’s like finding a solid, warm coat at a bargain. These cost-effective smartphones fit into your life without emptying your wallet. They're readily available and effortlessly endearing.

With consumer choice in mind, Android gives you options for every pocket. Whether you’ve got a little to spend or a bit more, there’s something for you. And even the most affordable Android phones come loaded with surprising features.

In Ireland, where a good deal is always welcome, Android’s cost-effective smartphones are the smart choice. Why spend extra when affordable options meet your needs just as well? That’s just smart shopping.

Android's Open Ecosystem:

In Ireland, the Android OS is as familiar as the local corner shop. It’s a favourite for app developers because it’s an open-source platform. That means it’s like a big open park where everyone is welcome to play and create.

Think of the Google Play Store as a massive marketplace, like the ones you find in every Irish town, but this one’s always buzzing with new stuff. Here, app diversity is the game’s name – there’s something for everyone, always changing and growing.

Thanks to Android developer tools, if you’re looking to make your app, it’s like having a whole shed full of tools ready to go. Dive into creation with the freedom to innovate without the constraint of constant oversight.

This freedom is why so many app creators like Android. It’s like being given a plot of land and told, “Go on, build whatever you fancy!” And that’s what developers are doing, creating a wild variety of apps as different and unique as the towns and villages across Ireland.

So, it’s no surprise that Android is king in the Irish app market. It’s got the freedom, the tools, and a huge playground in the Google Play Store for everyone to come together and create something special.

Customization Features:

In Ireland, people like their things to have a bit of personality, and that’s where Android customization jumps in, just like adding a splash of colour to a local pub’s walls. User experience on Android is like your mammy’s home cooking - it can be just how you like it.

With personalization features, you can tweak your phone like you’re rearranging furniture in your house, making everything just right. Custom UI on Android is like choosing the perfect pattern for your new curtains; it’s all about what you prefer.

Then there are Android skins, like the different jumpers you might wear. Each one gives your phone a new look, making it stand out. It’s as if you’re walking through a village, and every door you pass is a different colour; that’s the kind of choice Android gives you.

So, when you pick up an Android phone, you’re not just getting a gadget; you’re getting a blank canvas to make your own, as unique as a hand-knitted sweater from a local Irish market. That’s why, for a tech experience tailored to your taste, like your favourite scone recipe, Android’s the word in Ireland.

Wide Range of Hardware Choices:

Exploring Android is like going to a busy local market. There’s something there for everyone. The Android manufacturers are the vendors, each with unique items they’re proud to show off. These aren’t just random gadgets; they’re smartphone brands, each with their own story.

Like a market full of different goods, Android has loads of hardware options. You’ve got everything from flashy, high-tech phones to simple, easy-to-use ones. It’s like how a market has both the newest, shiniest toys and hand-made, traditional goods. There are smartphone models for every budget and need in the Android world.

With all these Android OEMs (the companies that make the phones), you’re spoilt for choice. It’s like a town with many different shops, each known for something unique. Whether you want the latest and greatest or something affordable that works well, you’ll likely find an Android phone that suits you.

It's about the breadth of options that extend beyond mere variety. It’s about finding what’s right for you. It’s similar to finding that perfect pair of boots in your local store. Android understands that people are different and want different things from their phones. It’s a place where anyone, whether you know a lot about tech or want something that won’t break the bank, can find a phone that’s just right. That’s how Android makes sense for so many people in Ireland.

Google Services Integration:

Using an Android phone in Ireland comes with the convenience of built-in Google services. This suite of features makes every task smooth and easy. Right from the get-go, you can access Google Maps for navigation, Google Drive for your files, and the Play Store to grab all the apps you need.

Starting up a new Android phone is a straightforward process. Once you sign in, your contacts, emails, and saved places are immediately accessible. This hassle-free setup is something users in Ireland appreciate because it makes staying connected and managing digital life much easier.

The Android functionality shines with additions like Google Assistant, an ever-ready helper for all your needs. Whether you're looking for directions or need a reminder about your schedule, it's all just a command away. The seamless cooperation between Android and the array of Google apps ensures that your phone is not just a tool but a reliable assistant, contributing to Android's popularity in Ireland.

Developer-Friendly Platform:

Android's developer-friendly platform is a big hit with people who make apps. It has many app creation tools that are easy to use, just like a toolbox where you can find exactly what you need without hassle. The Android SDK is part of this, and it's packed with stuff to help you turn a good idea into a real app.

No matter where you are, the Android platform has got your back when you're building an app. The Android SDK is the main set of tools you'll use, and it's full of helpful features for both newbies and experienced developers. However, there's more involved than merely the tools. The developer support with Android is like being part of a club where everyone's ready to help, share what they know, and celebrate when you do well.

There are many app development resources in the Android world, which is great for developers who want to make new things and be creative.

Localized App Experiences:

Android stands out in Ireland because it's excellent at localization. Apps on Android feel right at home here because they have regional content that speaks to people's Irish roots. They even offer Irish language support, which is a big deal for everyone who loves to see their native language in the tech they use every day.

With cultural personalization, apps on Android don't just feel Irish; they are Irish, made with the local culture in mind. They fit into the Irish way of life just like your favourite spot in the local pub. The local user interface makes it look like the app was made just for Ireland, making everything from ordering food to checking the news feel familiar.

And when we talk about Irish apps, we're not just talking about apps that have been changed into Irish from another language. These apps get the local jokes and what people here care about. They know that 'grand' can mean a hundred different things depending on how you say it. This cultural personalization makes people trust and enjoy using these apps because they feel like they were made just for them by people who understand what it means to be Irish.

This ensures that when Irish folks use their Android phones, they're not just using any old app. They're getting a taste of Ireland. It's this down-to-earth, Irish charm that keeps Android popular with people in Ireland.

Corporate and Enterprise Adoption:

Android's role in Irish businesses is growing because it has Android enterprise solutions that fit what companies need. The business adoption of Android phones and tablets is on the rise because they're good at many things and don't break down easily, which is perfect for busy work days.

Using Android for work is now a top corporate smartphone choice. The enterprise mobile OS is made so that every kind of business, big or small, can find what they need. This makes Android devices popular for people at work who want everything from their calendars to their emails to work without a hitch.

But when we say corporate use of Android, it's not just about having a good phone. It's about having a whole system that helps you get more done together and keeps all your work safe. Android's spread in the business world isn't just for show; it's about giving real tools that help all types of businesses do better.

In Ireland today, Android is like fertile soil for company growth, making sure they have a solid base to build on and come up with new ideas. That's why, from young companies in Galway to the big banks in Dublin, Android is the go-to partner for work.

Breaking it down, it’s pretty clear why Android is at the top in Ireland regarding apps in 2023: the system works for everyone and can do many different things well. For the people who make apps and those who use them, Android’s setup is all about making things easy and getting work done fast. This isn’t just because lots of people use it. It’s because it’s made to help developers and has many useful Google tools.

Getting into the newest Android features isn’t just a smart move, it’s necessary to keep up and beat the competition. Looking ahead, it’s obvious that Android being popular now isn’t just a passing thing. It’s a sign that being able to change and adapt is what’s going to make or break leaders in the market.

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Sarah Scully - Chief Marketing Officer of Square Root solutions!

Sarah Scully

Chief Marketing Officer

Sarah is a chief CMO at Square Root Solutions. As a software developer, she excels in developing innovative and user-centric software solutions. With a strong proficiency in multiple programming languages, she specializes in creating robust and scalable applications. Besides her passion for software development, she has a keen interest in culinary adventures, enjoying a variety of unique and interesting foods.

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