Know the benefits and factors to consider while hiring React Native developers

Published on: March 28, 2022


Building a mobile app for your business is a brilliant idea, considering the number of people downloading mobile apps each day due to several reasons. And using React Native for your mobile app development is undoubtedly the best choice due to the versatile and robust technology it uses. React Native app development is catching attention due to its affordability and capacity to deliver a native user experience.

Today, almost all businesses want to implement React Native framework in their app development due to the ease it renders to both app developers and app owners. React Native uses the same codebase for all its platforms, whether iOS or Android. Apparently, this saves time for both parties since there is no need to code for both platforms separately.

Moreover, hiring react native developers is quite cost-effective, even for mobile app development companies. However, you must remember that hiring the best react native app developer is not a piece of cake; there are several things you must look into before recruiting one.

An app developer with raw skills will generate raw results; hence, you must recruit someone master in developing mobile apps using React Native framework. Now, before we proceed further on how to hire a react native developer, let’s know a bit more about React Native framework.

Topics Included:

  1. What is React Native App Development

  2. Benefits of React Native

  3. How to Hire the Best React Native Developer

  4. Why outsource a React Native development company?

  5. What Should You Look for in a Developer

  6. How can Square Root Help you Develop “A Top-Notch” React Native App?


What is React Native App Development

Created by Facebook, React Native is an open-source JavaScript library that enables app developers to build native smartphone apps for Android and iOS with JavaScript programming language. This popular cross-platform framework is useful in creating eye-catchy user interfaces with a native look and feel. Moreover, this framework is driven by a large developers’ community who share their experience and knowledge to support and enhance the framework.

Benefits of React Native


As discussed above, using React Native reduces app development costs drastically. The app developers can build apps on multiple platforms using the same codebase and programming language. Hence, you don’t have to hire separate teams to work on different platforms to get the job done.

Improved Performance

React Native performs similarly to native apps when built separately for both platforms, iOS and Android. They perform fast due to programming language optimization on smartphone devices. This cross-platform framework doesn’t just focus on using CPU (central processing unit), it also focuses on using GPU (graphic processing unit). This is why React Native performs quicker compared to other cross-platform frameworks.

Enormous Community Support

Since React Native is an open-source, cross-platform framework, every app developer can voluntarily contribute their proficiency and understanding to the framework, and it is available to all. GitHub React Native Community motivates app developers to share their vast knowledge and experience when they learn something new about the framework. Hence, if a developer gets stuck while creating an app, they can take help from this community-driven framework.

Supports Live & Hot Reloading

Another reason for the popularity of this framework is that it offers live and hot reloading features, enabling app developers to view the modifications instantly through another preview window.

Better Flexibility

Mobile apps built on React Native framework can be used across various platforms, making it quite flexible. For instance, if one developer is coding an app, the second person can dive in anytime and continue from where he left off without any confusion. Well, that’s pretty flexible.

Offers Simple UI

This open-source JavaScript library also offers a simple user interface. React Native offers responsive and intuitive user-interface designs and decreases the loading time.

Code Reusability

Another major benefit of React Native is the code reusability feature. App developers need not write different code for separate code for multiple platforms, which feels like a huge blessing. The best part is that you can even reuse the web app codes for developing a mobile app, provided they are written in React.

How to hire the best React native developer


So, you can hire React Native developers for your project in three different ways.

  • Hire an in-house team

  • Hire a freelancer

  • Outsource a React Native Development Company

Of all the three, outsourcing a react native development company is the best approach. Here’s why! Hiring a freelancer might be cheap, but there is no assurance of work quality or time of delivery. Moreover, hiring in-house teams can get costly because you will have to expand your infrastructure accordingly. Moreover, you will get access to a limited talent pool only.

Why outsource a React Native development company?

Hiring a React Native app development company is the best approach for mid to large-sized companies.

The best part is that they take full responsibility for the whole project. They have a talented pool of developers who have immense experience in every area which can notch up your mobile app development. Moreover, some companies even offer the facility to hire remote developers at affordable rates, as per your project needs. These remote developers are 24*7 dedicated to your project, thus delivering a quality React Native app.

Moreover, with the help of experts and specialized professionals, your app becomes more secure and reliable. This also boosts the chances of success in the app market. Moreover, the experienced developers have profound knowledge, using which they can enhance your app quality to the next level. 

Apart from being cost-effective, React Native app development companies are also flexible and scalable. Hence, as the app owner, you can change the team size as your project requires.

What should you look for in a developer?

Before hiring a React Native developer, you should look for Soft Skills and Hard Skills to pass them for hire.

Tech Skills

Any developer you bring to your team should possess strong tech skills to develop an incredible app for your business. Below are some of the tech skills your developer should definitely possess, among others.

  • Writing reliable and clean code.

  • Debugging mobile app experience

  • Solid knowledge of React Native basics like components lifecycle, Virtual DOM, etc. 

  • Solid knowledge of JavaScript and programming languages like Java, Swift, and Objective-C. 

  • Basic UI experience 

  • Unit testing and type-checking knowledge.

Soft Skills

Of course, tech skills are a must, but soft skills are also needed to make your app phenomenal.

Critical-thinking skills:

Problems will occur in any project, but having analytical and critical-thinking skills will help them find solutions and keep them going. Your app developers should perform their research and should be capable of resolving the issues.

Communication skills:

Communication skills are a must before hiring a developer. Besides creating high-quality apps, they must be able to communicate with people in your organization. You want someone who can motivate and inspire others to work, not just code. After all, you are hiring a human, not a robot.

Moreover, language skills are crucial before hiring someone.  Hiring someone who doesn’t speak your language can confuse you and your team. You can also test the developers’ writing skills because writing skills matter not just for documentation purposes but also to provide instructions to subordinates.


This is another important skill the developer must possess. The tech industry is invariable, and hence, the developer must be willing to learn new skills and languages as and when required.


Before you hire someone, this is a must-have skill. You want someone to fit in flawlessly in your company culture. Otherwise, it will disrupt your company’s energy and flow. The developer you hire must be ready to understand your organization and work in the direction to achieve your company’s goal.


How can Square Root Help you Develop “A Top-Notch” React Native App?

At Square Root Solutions, we believe in creating unique and valuable products for our clients to remember forever. Our mobile app development company deploys the best team to ensure your app’s user experience remains bug-free and seamless. Hire our dedicated React Native developers to help you build an app that offers a native-like experience. 

We, at Square Root Solutions, stand out in delivering mobile apps that have a native-like look and feel. As a leading React Native app development company in Ireland, we follow specific standards and methods that help us successfully deliver you several innovative solutions.

Hiring a React Native developer that fits perfectly with your team and has all your experience & skills may sound like a fantasy, but with us, turn your dream into reality. Take your business one step ahead by hiring our expert React Native developers who will go out of the way to support your dreams. 

Sarah Scully - Chief Marketing Officer of Square Root solutions!

Sarah Scully

Chief Marketing Officer

Sarah is a chief CMO at Square Root Solutions. As a software developer, she excels in developing innovative and user-centric software solutions. With a strong proficiency in multiple programming languages, she specializes in creating robust and scalable applications. Besides her passion for software development, she has a keen interest in culinary adventures, enjoying a variety of unique and interesting foods.

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