Importance of Design in App Development

Published on: August 18, 2023

Mobile UI/UX design is key to the big rise in the app world today. A well-thought-out mobile application interface design is at the heart of every successful smartphone application. Design's function in making app development successful cannot be overstated. A simple glance at the home screen of any device reveals a mosaic of flat, minimalist icons, each representing a unique software experience. Beyond mere aesthetics like sketch and graphic design, the principles and best practices of design drive the core of software engineering for apps. Why is design crucial in app creation? Like templates that guide the structure, design principles ensure that everything from payment portals to basic navigation feels intuitive. Diving into app development, you soon realise that it's more than crafting appealing graphics. Design isn't just about looks but about how an app works.

Do you notice how some apps on your phone are easier and friendlier to use than others? It's about more than what the app can do but how it looks and feels. That's all thanks to good mobile application interface design. Simply put, it's about making an app that's pleasant to look at (UI) and simple to use (UX). These smartphone app design principles make sure that when you tap on an app, it's straightforward and fun to use. So, why spend so much time on design? Because a well-designed app is not only easy on the eyes but also works smoothly. Let's explore the factors which affect more on app design.

What is Mobile App Design?

Shaping an app's look, feel, functionality, and overall user interaction.

The significance of UI/UX in app building is excellent. In the app development world, design isn't a mere afterthought or just about the looks. It is about finding a balance between the app's look and feel and how it is performing.

When an app's visuals make you stop and admire, or when the interface feels intuitive, that's the magic of thoughtful mobile app visual design. Platforms like Figma and Dribbble have become game-changers for designers to craft and showcase their ui/ux design works. So, what's behind the facade of mobile app design?

UI Design:

Design's influence on app development success is evident in every swipe, tap, and scroll. Every time you've admired the sleek look of a login screen, been captivated by an engaging home screen, or navigated through an intuitive menu, you've experienced the magic of UI design. User Interface (UI) zeroes in on the visual elements of an app. From the colour schemes that evoke specific emotions to the placement of buttons for optimal accessibility, UI embodies an app's visual identity. Platforms like Android have set some guidelines, but the creative twists and inspiration behind each interface make an app stand out. Think of UI as the inviting facade of a house - it draws you in, promising a specific experience.

UX Design:

Mobile app layout design is the doorway to digital engagement. However, once inside that house, the User Experience (UX) determines how comfortable and intuitive your stay is. A beautiful login page is only worthwhile if users can figure out how to sign up. UX emphasises user-centric mobile design. It's about guiding the user from opening the app to achieving their goal, like buying something or getting information. It's the strategic plan of the app's design, ensuring smooth transitions, logical navigation, and a satisfying end-user experience. While UI might captivate the eyes, UX captivates the heart and guarantees the user's return.

Why is Mobile App Design Important?

In a saturated app market, a singular edge can be the difference between an app's success and one that doesn't achieve fame. The imperative of design in the app creation process cannot be overstated. Mobile app design isn't just about aesthetic appeal; it's the intersection of function and form, making it a critical component of application development. Here are some stats and points that show why app design is crucial for an app's success in the market.

Users also consider the app's aesthetics, mainly the look and feel, and 52% of the users say they will abandon the app and won't return to it because of bad aesthetics.  

It takes only 0.5 seconds for users to decide whether to check further or leave it.

And most importantly, 94% of the first impressions are design related.  

Create a positive first impression:

A moment can set the tone for the user experience in today's quick digital world. As users eagerly tap on a new app icon, they're greeted with a flash of visuals that either attract them to look further or push them away. This crucial point, where user anticipation meets the app's look, is where first impressions are made. Design considerations in mobile app development are about more than looks; they shape this experience. The main thing is ensuring the first look is pleasing, clear, and easy to understand. The app's starting design interface acts like its greeting team, urging users to see more. This charm, set in design rules and visual beauty, draws users to stay, look around, and, ideally, become regular customers.

Build a stronger brand:

Users tend to gravitate towards apps with user-friendly designs. A well-designed app stands out from its competitors and builds trust, loyalty by aligning with user expectations. Mobile app design does more than please the eye; it conveys the brand's narrative. It's essential that every element, from colour to icon, represent the brand's value. A well-defined design aids easy navigation and invites users to explore more, maybe even becoming brand supporters.

Improve customer interactions:

Good design strategies for mobile apps make navigation a breeze. User experience is enhanced when design elements guide the user seamlessly from the app's home screen to their desired destination. This fluidity is the hallmark of effective user interface design.

Generate conversions:

The ultimate goal of most apps is conversion, be it a sale, sign-up, or any other action. Best practices in design principles ensure that the app not only looks appealing but also directs users effortlessly towards the end goal, driving up conversion rates.

Retain customers:

User retention is one of the big challenges for app owners. Initially, an eye-catching design might reel users in, but maintaining their interest is an art that melds various factors. It heavily depends on strong UX/UI principles, a commitment to user-centric design, and a willingness to update based on user feedback. Following a holistic design process is vital; it guarantees the app remains relevant, operates seamlessly, and consistently aligns with the evolving demands of its user base.

To wrap up,

The app market is filled with thousands of apps, and your app needs to shine in the highly saturated app market. With designs, one can make a lasting impression, catch hold of the customers and win the market from the beginning.

A beautifully designed, creative, clever, and carefully planned app will not only be liked by your customers but will also pave the way to drive customer engagement and increase sales. Thus, it's essential that not only the features & functionalities of the app are taken care of, but due time should also be invested in meticulously planning the app's design.

At Square Root Solutions, our talented team of UI and UX designers help you beautifully blend expertise with creativity and create a website that will help you bring sales & drive effective customer engagement. From reading your users' minds to delivering fantastically designed apps with the best design tools in town, if you are looking for a mobile app development company that prioritises design for your app development, here we are at Square Root Solutions to bring your app idea in an aesthetically pleasing way yet in a powerful way. Connect with us today and build an app that wins your users' hearts.


Sarah Scully - Chief Marketing Officer of Square Root solutions!

Sarah Scully

Chief Marketing Officer

Sarah is a chief CMO at Square Root Solutions. As a software developer, she excels in developing innovative and user-centric software solutions. With a strong proficiency in multiple programming languages, she specializes in creating robust and scalable applications. Besides her passion for software development, she has a keen interest in culinary adventures, enjoying a variety of unique and interesting foods.

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