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Published on: July 27, 2018

Got an APP idea? What to do next……………..

Many entrepreneurs have created genius ideas for Apps but without funding that is where the journey stops. Square Root Solutions would like to take you further on that journey by looking at some of the funding options that are available to you.

The first step for any entrepreneur looking for funding is talk to your Local Enterprise Office (LEO for short!) They will be able to point you in the right direction by providing you with information regarding your supports and programmes that are available to you.

LEOs have a variety of financial supports available through the 31 offices across the country. One of the most popular options is the Trading Online Voucher. It offers business established at least 6 months financial assistance up to €2,500 along with trading and advice for online trading.

The one issue to note with the LEO grants is that the grants only cover up to a maximum of 50% of the costs.

What if I need financial and business support?

The New Frontiers Program

What is it all about? New frontiers is an Enterprise Ireland program which is far more hands on and long term. Very much suited to someone who has a business idea with great potential but may benefit from a structure around its growth. There are two phases to this Phase 1 and Phase 2.

What’s involved? Phase 1 is typically an evening set of workshops across a duration of about 8 weeks, its very informative without a large focus on one-to-one support and more of a college-style lecture/tutorial.

Phase 2 which is over 6 months and typically requires attendance at least once a week at the designated venue.

So why do it? This programme offers 15k over the 6 months (2.5K/month). It's tax-free, with the program designed to set your business up to be able to make at least that 2.5k/month while leaving the program.

It's important to note to join the programme you would need someone to attend, either yourself or someone on your behalf! The program offers great support, guidance and networking opportunities.

Competitive Start Fund

Upon completion of phase 2 of the New Frontiers program, many business paths lead to the Competitive Start Fund (CSF). This compromises a business pitch, Dragons Den Style, offering 10% equity of your business for 50K. There are a few criteria a business must a for this, but it can be a great opportunity for the right business.

Microfinance Ireland

This is a good option for those looking to get lending options for their Startup or SMEs with loans ranging from €2,000 to €25,000. Microfinance Ireland is set up by the government as a not-for-profit lender. It also offers free mentoring support from established professionals.

What if I need mentoring and business support?

Business & Innovation Centres

There are five separate innovation centres across Ireland, all of which are fantastic supports for businesses. These centres help businesses with business consultation, project evaluation, business planning and finance sourcing.


The NDRC is very popular for startups with big ambitions. It offers accelerator programs, mentoring, workshops and networking opportunities across a national community for entrepreneurs.

So now you have all the options to help you bring your App idea to a reality, why not give Square Root Solutions a call to today to discuss your App development? Call us on 01-9081982 or alternatively, why not pop us an email to discuss on [email protected]

Sarah Scully - Chief Marketing Officer of Square Root solutions!

Sarah Scully

Chief Marketing Officer

Sarah is a chief CMO at Square Root Solutions. As a software developer, she excels in developing innovative and user-centric software solutions. With a strong proficiency in multiple programming languages, she specializes in creating robust and scalable applications. Besides her passion for software development, she has a keen interest in culinary adventures, enjoying a variety of unique and interesting foods.

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